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From the old



To the new

The original component was based on using a thick wall PVC elbow (schedule 40) into which fully machined end spigots were bonded. In itself a very robust part.


However, there were three key problems that needed to be resolved:


  1. Cost
  2. Weight
  3. Lost production time (Elbow was bonded into its mating part using a cold cure adhesive that was also messy to use taking up valuable production time)


Our task was to redesign the part to address these issues.


This new component is based on a much light elbow part more commonly found in industrial waste systems into which are bonded bespoke moulded spigots. This design direction substantially reduced the weight and cost of the component paying off the tooling costs over a relatively short period of time.



O rings are now fitted into one spigot end that match the dimensionally well controlled socket on the mating part. This completely eliminates the shopfloor bonding, fit and forget, saving the cost of the adhesive and brining the lost production time back into the value added chain.